A History of Assembling

Originally constructed in YEAR, the building that was once the Queen City Foundry has always been a place for disparate
parts to become a whole. There’s no assembly line here anymore, but this venue is founded on a similar promise:
The Assembly Room will put your stuff together efficiently.


It’s not a new concept. For centuries, people have needed to entertain

—and they’ve needed a good place for it. 

During the English regency, Almack’s Assembly Rooms in London was just that: A place in which to gather, without too much hassle. At Almack’s, gambling and supper were reasons to congregate, but dancing was the reason to stay (and come back). Almack’s gatherings were by design less formal than the private balls hosted in the lavish digs of the aristocracy, but one’s presence there also made a statement. If you got into the Assembly Rooms, you’d done something right in the eyes of someone who mattered. People came to see and be seen—most of the stylish networking, as it were, was done in the Assembly Rooms. In a social climate that demanded a show of high rank, the Assembly Room was a place for high society to come together casually, without all the high society pomp.


Gatherers by Trade

Relish Carolina is thrilled to be the exclusive service operator of The Assembly Room at the Foundry. An ensemble of natural entertainers, part-time trendsetters, and full-time foodies, they couldn’t really avoid it. Bringing people together in the name of exceptional hospitality has always been Relish Carolina’s M.O. Partnering with the city’s best culinary minds, the organization has long served Charlotte communities through the most rambunctious roaming dinner parties and the most elevated of private gatherings. Pairing bold cuisine and creative libations with stunning atmospheres and novel activities, Relish is obsessed with the experience of togetherness, cultivating its many and varied forms.